Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Going out on a Tour? Keep your Home secured while you are out


The security of your house is of utmost importance, especially when you are travelling. You home is a place where several important documents and valuables are stored. Unless all of these are properly taken care of and a competent security system is in place, you may not enjoy peace of mind while staying away from home, either due to official purposes or during vacations. By bringing home these products, you can ensure complete security of your assets and lives of loved ones and even go on vacations without a worry. 

Recently, top organized a seminar where its security experts talked about some useful tips that can keep your home secure when you are out: 

  • Don’t go public: Details about your impending tour or absence should not be revealed to one and all. You should also avoid announcing such plans while travelling in public transport or in crowded places. Not divulging vacation plans on various social media sites that are visible for anyone to read is another thing to steer clear of. 

  • Get an alarm: Investing in an alarm that will send some kind of signal to the homeowner as soon as there is some breach in security is a great way of protecting the house.

  • Move your valuables: In case you have expensive jewelry, documents, cash and other valuables at home, transfer them to a safe storage, if possible, or keep them with someone who can be trusted.

  • Installation of video surveillance: This can go a long way in protecting your home from theft. Most buglers, if aware of the fact that the house is protected by network cameras or IP cameras, won’t usually set foot in such houses. Moreover, with new technologies such as IR illuminator equipped Wi-Fi color camera, it has become easier to check any such suspicious activities in the premises or within the house when you are travelling.

Apart from these, experts also advised not to leave spare keys at places, which can easily be traced, as such a step will invite buglers and other unscrupulous elements. Instead, you should keep the keys with someone who can be trusted. Also, when shifting to a new home, the locks should be changed at the earliest as the previous occupants might have access to their previous house which is now yours.

Losing of personal belongings and violation of privacy can be devastating when you are out travelling. By following the simple steps that experts shared, such untoward incidents can be prevented. You should also take your pick from advanced security and surveillance gadgets like network camera, IP camera and IR illuminators etc. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about IP Cameras

IP cameras have become an essential part of any industrial or residential project, as there is a compelling need to have a secure environment to live and work. However, you might have certain questions regarding these cameras that use an Infrared illuminator as an integral part. Here are some frequently asked questions answered for your benefit by the experts of Axton Technologies:

What is an IP camera?
Internet Protocol or IP cameras are digital video cameras, which are an inevitable part of a good security or surveillance system. 

Are IPcameras different from CCTV cameras?
CCTV cameras were analog until recently. These have been in existence for many years and worked through cables that run through DVR, which are added to the LAN.
IP cameras are digital systems that use computer network or Internet in order to receive and send data.

How does an IP camera help for night surveillance?
Every IP camera has an IR illuminator or infrared illuminator, which helps in detecting images even in minimum or no light situations.
What is the role of an IR illuminator in IP cameras?
An IR illuminator has the ability to detect images beyond the comprehension of human eye and visibility, as they sense the heat of the image that comes close to the camera. Thus, at the slightest movement of anybody or anything, the image is sensed and registered or captured in the camera.

Are there different types of IR illuminator devices?
  • The following are some of the best forms of IP cameras with an IR illuminator:- 
  • Smart Series IR with extremely compact design and superior functionality
  • PoE illuminators that are integrated into the surveillance systems powered by PoE(Powerover Ethernet) for outdoor uses.
  • XLR series with hybrid and white lights with digital angle controls and intensity controls.
  • Tactical IR illuminator devices, which are absolutely invisible and have a control switch for      day and night options.
  • Blaze white light illuminators for high quality illumination during dark nights. 
        What type of power supplies and brackets are required for these IP cameras
   The power supply requirements are between 25w and 220VA AC/DC with universal inputs and single or double outputs. The most important feature to be looked for is the high voltage or overload protection, which would protect the camera.
  The bracket requirements are small or large depending on the requirement. High quality brackets are made of heavy-duty steel to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

One of the basic steps for you to ensure that you have the best IP camera with a high quality IR illuminator is to identify a quality manufacturer like Axton Technologies that provides guarantee on the products.