Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Going out on a Tour? Keep your Home secured while you are out


The security of your house is of utmost importance, especially when you are travelling. You home is a place where several important documents and valuables are stored. Unless all of these are properly taken care of and a competent security system is in place, you may not enjoy peace of mind while staying away from home, either due to official purposes or during vacations. By bringing home these products, you can ensure complete security of your assets and lives of loved ones and even go on vacations without a worry. 

Recently, top organized a seminar where its security experts talked about some useful tips that can keep your home secure when you are out: 

  • Don’t go public: Details about your impending tour or absence should not be revealed to one and all. You should also avoid announcing such plans while travelling in public transport or in crowded places. Not divulging vacation plans on various social media sites that are visible for anyone to read is another thing to steer clear of. 

  • Get an alarm: Investing in an alarm that will send some kind of signal to the homeowner as soon as there is some breach in security is a great way of protecting the house.

  • Move your valuables: In case you have expensive jewelry, documents, cash and other valuables at home, transfer them to a safe storage, if possible, or keep them with someone who can be trusted.

  • Installation of video surveillance: This can go a long way in protecting your home from theft. Most buglers, if aware of the fact that the house is protected by network cameras or IP cameras, won’t usually set foot in such houses. Moreover, with new technologies such as IR illuminator equipped Wi-Fi color camera, it has become easier to check any such suspicious activities in the premises or within the house when you are travelling.

Apart from these, experts also advised not to leave spare keys at places, which can easily be traced, as such a step will invite buglers and other unscrupulous elements. Instead, you should keep the keys with someone who can be trusted. Also, when shifting to a new home, the locks should be changed at the earliest as the previous occupants might have access to their previous house which is now yours.

Losing of personal belongings and violation of privacy can be devastating when you are out travelling. By following the simple steps that experts shared, such untoward incidents can be prevented. You should also take your pick from advanced security and surveillance gadgets like network camera, IP camera and IR illuminators etc. 

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